Pastor Lyndel Hix and his wife Brenda came to Southwest Baptist in August of 2004. Pastor Hix is a 1973 graduate of Texas A&M University as well as a 1976 graduate of Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO. The Hixes have two children, Brandon and Lacy, and eight grandchildren.

Pastor Hix
Lyndel & Brenda Hix


“It would be my joy to meet you and have you be our guest at Southwest. I am privileged to be the pastor of a wonderful congregation of people who love one another and desire to reach out to others. We would love to be a part of your life and assist you in your spiritual walk.”


Associate Pastor


Brian Wagahoff and his wife, Dixie, came to Southwest Baptist in October of 2013. Brian was raised in a Pastor’s home in a small farming community in Illinois.  Dixie’s family traveled with Evangelist Jack Parchman, holding tent revivals across the states. Together, they have served on staff in several churches. The Wagahoffs have four children, Bret, Courtney, Brice, and Carrie. Brian teaches the New Foundations Sunday School Class, made up of younger married couples.

Brian & Dixie Wagahoff


“I absolutely love coming to the House of God. We are blessed to be part of a church that loves the Lord and our community. Every week we are challenged to move forward in our spiritual walk. We would love to have you come visit us here at Southwest Baptist Church.”